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Hi Dr. Goldin,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me. My latest pap results, ncluding the HPV test, were completely normal. I even got the standard letter in the mail. I was moved by tears the day I received it and it's all thanks to you. I was so happy to have healed my cervix without any invasive surgeries and using only naturopathic treatments.*

Thanks again.

All my best,
K. S.

Although we haven’t needed to bring my son in to see you for quite a long time, we are so grateful for your assistance in bringing him back to health. After he began your supplement regimen a little over a year ago, he recovered from his MRSA infection and hasn’t looked back. He started preschool in the fall and didn’t get so much as a cold until Christmas. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s been sick this winter and in each case it was very mild and quickly overcome. He’s also become a better eater, making better food choices, perhaps because he feels so much healthier. I can’t thank you enough! Your help was truly an answer to our prayer.*


My four year old son has been seeing Tara for about six months. I had been very concerned with his resistance. I realized that when he started preschool he was exposed to lots of illnesses but it seemed that his cough and cold were just ongoing and never got better. When we first started going to Tara, I was really impressed with the speed of his recovery and how he could sustain a healthy state. Of course, things do happen and he just recently had a very high fever along with body aches and upset tummy. With Tara's expert help, he was sick for only one day and woke up completely OK the next day. I am very grateful for her quick response and compassionate, professional care of my son. It feels great to have such a good doctor in our lives.*

With great appreciation,

Tara has worked with me for eight years and guided me through a number of ailments including trauma, mental illness, female issues and post partum depression. I have been very grateful to have her in my life and the life of my family.Her incredible intuition and knowledge have impressed me immensely as has her ability to treat the cause and not merely the symptom. She was the first doctor to make me aware of food allergies and how they affect so many aspects of my life and consequently reduced mental imbalances that had caused much suffering. Likewise, through recognizing my blood sugar problems and liver issues she was not only able to address physical problems but emotional ones as well.She supported, advised and counselled me through my pregnancy and has been my son’s healthcare provider offering a great deal of good advice for starting his life in a natural and healthy manner. We have since relocated from Colorado however I still seek her guidance over the telephone and whenever I am back in town. I am truly indebted for her wisdom and friendly care. *

I have always been drawn to seeking health and well-being through holistic approaches. Before coming to live in Boulder, I was fortunate to know and experience healing through naturopathy, both for myself and my children. I am so grateful now to know Tara, and so greatly appreciate the care and thoroughness, the breadth of knowledge and integrity that she brings to her work. She has helped me effectively and efficiently with every issue I’ve brought to her, from allergies, to mood swings, to digestive problems, to heart health. It gives me a sense of well-being just to know that she is here, and that she is my doctor.*

Tara Skye Goldin was recommended to us in 1998. My son was 2 years old and had an active social life. He was a very healthy child. That winter, however, we caught every cold that came our way. From October through April, one of us was always sick. We took our son to Tara so we would not spend another winter like the previous one. I appreciated the thoroughness of her interview of his characteristics and tendencies. We did not feel rushed and her knowledge of her field was obvious. She figured out what his constitution needed to bring him back to healthy balance and he spent the next seven years with nothing more than an occasional cold. By 2005 we had been traveling, temporarily relocating in a different environment and we had a family trauma. Our son had another winter catching every cold that came his way. The final straw was his first secondary infection, his first need for antibiotics. So at age nine we took our son to Tara again. She was able to take the new circumstances into consideration and again bring our son back to a healthy balance and full strength. She is skillful and empathetic and we are thankful we have established a relationship with her. After seeing her website for the first time and reading her publications on women's health I think it's my turn next to have Tara help me fill in the gaps in my health care.*
Warm regards,
K. D.

I first went to see Dr. Goldin for a throat infection almost 7 years ago. I had been getting them chronically for about 5 years, and this one was particularly virulent. I couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered from the illness after my appointment! A short while later, I had my annual pap exam and found out that I had abnormal cervical cell growth. I was extremely upset by this, but Dr. Goldin assured me that it could be treated. I followed the treatment regime closely, and within 6 months the abnormality had decreased, and within 9 months it was completely gone. I have not had any abnormal cell growth since. Not only was this acute condition cleared up, under Dr. Goldin’s general care, my chronic throat infections have completely discontinued, and I am in the best health of my life. I am so thankful that I live in an area where naturopathic and homeopathic medicine is available. Thanks Tara for the best medical care I have ever received!*

I began seeing Tara sometime in 2003. I had migraines since my son was born in 1994. The monthly migraines had been diagnosed as hormonal and took four days of my life every month. They caused phenomenal head pain, nausea and light sensitivity. I couldn't work or attend to my family and I frequently wished I could end the pain. I had tried prescription migraine drugs, over the counter pain medication, changing my diet, herbs and even homeopathy (as I was in homeopathy school at the time). Nothing worked. I decided I needed to see an experienced homeopath and scheduled an appointment with Tara. With the very first remedy Tara gave me, my migraines began decreasing in intensity. They didn't go away completely right away. Gradually they diminished in length, frequency and intensity. Over time, when I felt a migraine coming on I could take a migraine drug and it would work. And, after a while, I would simply take Advil and that would work. Finally after perhaps a year the migraines went away almost completely. After a few changes in remedies the migraines dissipated to less than once a year. While this process took time it is important to note that homeopathy works deeply and curatively rather than simply covering up symptoms. It's now been over a year since my last migraine and I rarely get any headaches at all. The quality of my life has improved immensely. I can now count on feeling well throughout my monthly cycle, I exercise regularly, have improved my diet and have worked with a therapist on some leftover emotional issues. I attribute much of this improvement to homeopathy and to Tara's wisdom as a homeopath. Without the removal of the devastating migraines I had had for so many years I never would have had the energy, desire and ability to work on so many areas of my life.*

C. R.

* Individual results may vary due to age and body type.