Tara Skye Goldin,N.D.
September 2013 
 Dr. Tara Skye Goldin's Newsletter, Surviving the Flood!
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Wow! I have lived here near Boulder for over 20 years now and even though our community survived a major fire and came together in a really beautiful way, this flood was unprecedented. So many members of this community were traumatized by this natural disaster and are right now dealing with damage to their homes, and worse, in some cases. This issue is dedicated to flood issues - homeopathic trauma remedies, Mold issues (thanks to Jill Iwaskow) and allergy remedies, since many of us are coming into contact with mold and sewage for the first time.

Also I am running a flood trauma special. As a member of this community, I know that the effects of #boulderflood will be felt for a long time. I would like to offer my support. For a limited time, I am offering a 50% discount on my services for #homeopathic and #naturopathic consultations if you are suffering the physical and emotional effects of the flood. Please call 303 443-2206 to schedule and mention the Flood Discount to the receptionist. *Does not apply to weight loss or supplement costs.

 How to Handle Flood Damage and Possible Mold Exposure
 by Jill Iwaskow

I created this blog because after years of personal experience, research, and communication with experts and others affected by mold issues, there is still more misinformation than not on the Internet. After flooding emergencies, people are desperate for quick help and accurate information. Unfortunately, places like Home Depot or even FEMA sometimes give problematic advice. Just one example is how bleach is often advocated for clean up, even though studies and knowledgeable experts now feel that bleach not only is NOT the most effective, but it can make matters worse on a few levels. See links. From BeToxinFree.wordpress.com

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 Homeopathic Remedies for #BoulderFlood

As most of you probably know by now, my community in Colorado has been hit exceptionally hard by the recent flooding in Boulder County. While I realize that most people's primary concerns is getting to safety, dealing with the flooding and its effects on homes, finances, and places of business, remember homeopathy can be a powerful tool right now. Feel free to use it whether or not you "believe in it".

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