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September 2010


As we turn inwards into fall we enter the time of the lungs according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Calendar. This is a time of weighing and accessing and aiming towards perfection and meticulousness in one's life situation and life goals. As we weigh what works and what does not work for us it is also a time for many to let go of that which no longer serves us. It is interesting that in my almost 49 year personal history the fall season is often the time of year when I have made changes in relationships, moved, organized, cleared out closets, let go of the old and turned over a new leaf so to speak. It can also be a time of grieving all that has been let go of. The emotion grief corresponds to the lungs. I often see patients who are dealing with an intense case of bronchitis and more often than not there has been some fairly recent emotional upheaval or loss in their lives. My husband, who is a massage therapist likes to say " the lungs grieve what the eyes cannot". If one is the type to fight and suppress the emotions (and many of us are for the sake of "getting on with things" and being less self involved) than perhaps your last bout of flu with a persistent cough was your physical body's way of clearing the emotional body.

There are also many other causes of chronic respiratory distress which I will cover here. Allergies in the diet, the environment, smoking, chemical exposure, to name just a few. In this newsletter I will cover ways to nourish and nurture ones lungs using naturopathic medicine.

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in this issue
  • Support your Lungs to Breathe
  • Food Allergies as a Cause of Asthma
  • Mullein for the Lungs
  • Boswellia and Asthma
  • Tomato Time!!! What to do with them all???

  • Food Allergies as a Cause of Asthma

    Asthma is one of the 3 manifestations of a pattern of allergy, called atopy. The associated disorders are eczema and hay fever. Food allergy can cause both immediate and delayed patterns of asthma. Immediate food reactions can cause sudden, dramatic and life-threatening asthma is one of the consequences of anaphylactic reactions to food. Delayed patterns of food allergy can cause chronic asthma and/or bronchitis and are among the most neglected causes of chronic or "intrinsic" asthma. Diet revision can resolve chronic asthma. from Nutramed

    Mullein for the Lungs

    Mullein is the common name for numerous species of the genus Verbascum, plants that grow wild in meadows, prairies and along roadsides in North America, Europe and Asia. This plant grows several feet high and develops a spike of tiny yellow flowers. As an herbal remedy, mullein has soothing topical effects, and people also use it as a traditional medicine for respiratory disorders, although no research confirms it is beneficial for lung conditions, according to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). Consult a qualified health care provider before beginning any herbal therapy. From LiveStrong.com

    Boswellia and Asthma

    Effects of Boswellia serrata gum resin in patients with bronchial asthma: results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, 6-week clinical study. Eur J Med Res. 1998 Nov 17; Gupta I, Gupta V, Parihar A, Gupta S, Lüdtke R, Safayhi H, Ammon HP. Pharmakologie für Naturwissenschaftler, Pharmazeutisches Institut der Universität Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, D-72076 Tübingen, Germany. The gum resin of Boswellia serrata, known in Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as Salai guggal, contains boswellic acids, which have been shown to inhibit leukotriene biosynthesis. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study forty patients, 23 males and 17 females in the age range of 18 - 75 years having mean duration of illness, bronchial asthma, were treated with a preparation of gum resin of 300 mg thrice daily for a period of 6 weeks. 70% of patients showed improvement of disease as evident by disappearance of physical symptoms and signs such as dyspnea, rhonchi, number of attacks, increase in FEV subset1, FVC and PEFR as well as decrease in eosinophilic count and ESR. In the control group only 27% of patients showed improvement. The data show a definite role of gum resin of Boswellia serrata in the treatment of bronchial asthma. From PubMed

    Tomato Time!!! What to do with them all???

    This year I am having a bumper crop of tomatoes. They were a bit late in ripening due to our relatively cool summer that we have been having here in Colorado. I have red ones, yellow ones, orange ones, dark heirloom ones. A colorful plate indeed! My son has been eating the cherry tomatoes by the handful! Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene which has been found to have anticancer properties especially for the prostate. Enjoy these recipes!

    Support your Lungs to Breathe
    tara on bear peak

    The Autumn seasonal change is a optimal time to support your lungs. Actually any time is a good time to support your lungs since it is after all a vital organ. But this time of year is especially beneficial since the lung energy is amplified. Here are some tips on how you may support your lung health.

    1. Breathe. Breathing of course oxygenates your tissues and our bodies cannot function without it. Certain chest opening yoga postures and backbends can help to improve and increase lung capacity thus increasing the amount of oxygen received in each breath. A simple one is to lay the on your back with a bolster under your thoracic area and breathe. Also being aware of how deeply you are breathing. It is all too easy to breathe shallowly when you are stressed and working at your desk or computer. Which brings me to...

    2. Exercise. One should engage in some sort of aerobic activity that increases blood flow, increases the heart rate and causes you to sweat a bit. This will help increase your oxygen capacity while exercising and strengthening your heart and lungs. If you have been very sedentary please work into an exercise routine slowly and seek professional help with coaching or any medical issues prior to beginning.

    3. Identify and eliminate any food allergens from your diet. See article in this issue. Food allergies can trigger asthma attacks and certain foods such as cow dairy can increase mucous production in the lungs which could exacerbate a lung condition.

    4. Avoid environmental airborne toxins that may trigger an allergy attack. Pollens, dust, molds, pollutants, solvents, pesticides, and other household chemicals and formaldehydes etc all fall under this category. Household remodels and the dust and particulates that they put into the air are a prime cause of chronic lung irritation

    5. Ventilate your work area well. Sick building syndrome is a very real concern with some of the modern buildings where windows do not even open.

    6. Emote. Instead of suppressing all emotions, identify and process them. Again remember that the lungs weep what the eyes cannot. If you think that you suppress emotions on a regular basis journaling may be a safe way to identify them. Counseling also helps to deal with emotional stress. IF you are one of those people who has a hard time allowing yourself to cry and you need to cry, watch sad movies. Which brings us to...

    7. Stress management. Yoga, meditation, massage also help to relieve stress in the body. This can also aid in clearing out negative emotions.

    8. Drink lots of water. I usually recommend 64 oz per day. Adequate hydration helps to thin mucous which also is important in any lung or respiratory condition. Be well.

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