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September 2006


This month's issue will be focused on children's health since it is back to school time. Now is the time to bolster your child's ( and your own as well) immune system before the cold weather hits and your child is spending more time indoors. After the freedom of unstructured summer days many kids still get to experience ( though less so with camps and summer programs so the parents can work) the transition back to scheduled living can be stressful.

My own children restart all of their immune boosting tonics more assiduously as we slack off a bit during the summer when they are healthier. And we continue to get out in the nice Colorado weather. Here in Boulder the weather can stay lovely well into November and even year round to a degree, and it is definitely health enhancing to go on numerous hikes and to stay active. So please continue to enjoy what's left of summer and our lovely fall and to enjoy the bountiful harvest from your own garden and our local farmers markets!

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Natural Breast Milk Replacement Formulas Fish Oil and ADHD Food Allergies in Infants and Children Help License Registered Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado Collard Green Recipes

Fish Oil and ADHD

I know I've been harping (or harpooning, as the case may be ) a lot about fish oil. But bear with me. Here is some interesting research that supports its use in preventing various psychiatric and behavioral disorders in children. I would even extrapolate myself and say that fish oils may be beneficial for many other brain irregularities. From Medscape

Food Allergies in Infants and Children

Milk and soy allergies are particularly common in infants and young children. These allergies sometimes do not involve hives and asthma, but rather lead to colic, and perhaps blood in the stool or poor growth. Infants and children are thought to be particularly susceptible to this allergic syndrome because of the immaturity of their immune and digestive systems. Milk or soy allergies in infants can develop within days to months of birth. Sometimes there is a family history of allergies or feeding problems. The clinical picture is one of a very unhappy colicky child who may not sleep well at night. The doctor diagnoses food allergy partly by changing the child's diet. Rarely, a food challenge test is used. If the baby is on cow's milk, the doctor may suggest a change to soy formula or exclusive breast milk, if possible. If soy formula causes an allergic reaction, the baby may be placed on an elemental formula. These formulas are processed proteins (basically sugars and amino acids). There are few if any allergens within these materials. The doctor will sometimes prescribe corticosteroids to treat infants with severe food allergies. Fortunately, time usually heals this particular gastrointestinal disease. It tends to resolve within the first few years of life. Exclusive breast feeding (excluding all other foods) of infants for the first 6 to 12 months of life is often suggested to avoid milk or soy allergies from developing within that time frame. Such breast feeding often allows parents to avoid infant- feeding problems, especially if the parents are allergic (and the infant therefore is likely to be allergic). There are some children who are so sensitive to a certain food, however, that if the food is eaten by the mother, sufficient quantities enter the breast milk to cause a food reaction in the child. Mothers sometimes must themselves avoid eating those foods to which the baby is allergic. By delaying the introduction of solid foods until 6 months, and of certain foods much longer, it is possible to delay or prevent food allergies. Discuss individual feeding recommendations with your heal care provider. From Dr. Alan Greene

Help License Registered Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado

As many of you already know, the state of Colorado does not regulate the practice of naturopathic medicine. In this state it is "Buyer Beware" as there is no legal differentiation between a naturopath with 8 years of U.S. Department of Education training from accredited schools and someone with a mail order degree calling themselves a naturopath. In the past they've used the excuse that the mail order people weren't hurting anyone so why spend taxpayer's money to regulate us. That all changed last March when a fake naturopath in Wheat Ridge was convicted to 13 years in jail for manslaughter. To support our legislative effort, please sign up on the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Physicians website, which is linked below, and you will be notified how and when to contact your state legislator so we can pass a licensing bill in '07.

Collard Green Recipes
collard greens

My garden is full or kale and collard greens right now, wonderful late summer and into fall fare. In Boulder, Colorado, hardy collards will still produce until the first hard frost. Collards are rich in flavonoids, carotenes, and folic acid as well as fiber. Here is a link to a traditional recipe for collard greens. Vegetarians and others (like me) who don't eat bacon can substitute olive oil and natural bacon-bits from the health food store for the bacon fat. Enjoy!

Natural Breast Milk Replacement Formulas

Nothing can ever really replace breast milk. However, situations may arise when a mother cannot naturally meet her baby's needs, as in cases of insufficient production , severe mastitis, or for an adopted baby. Store bought formulas are high in various forms of sugar and contain chemicals and highly allergenic foods that may compromise a child's immune system. For this reason I have included a few natural breast milk replacement formulas. I know that some of you reading this are well beyond the age of having young children, or do not have children. Please feel free to forward these recipes on to anyone that you know who may appreciate this information!

The formulas listed below were developed by Dr. William Mitchell of Seattle. Dr. Mitchell, one of the co-founders of Bastyr University has instructed and mentored countless naturopathic physicians. These formulas will supply a baby's nutritional needs until the child is ready to start on solid foods.

Formula #1: Goat Milk Base

1 quart goat milk, 200 mcg folic acid (drops), 1-2 mg B complex (if you can't get drops, dissolve a 50 mg tablet in a 1 oz dropper bottle and use 1 dropperful each day in formula), 1/4 tsp fish oil (flax oil may be used if vegetarian), 1 drop Vit E (micellized), 1 drop mixed carotenes, 1/2 tsp bifidus factor, 1 tsp maple syrup or agave (optional).

Formula #2: Soy Milk Base

This formula may be made with either goat or soy milk, or a mixture of both. If using only goat milk, add folic acid, as indicated above.

1 quart soy milk, 1 cup carrot juice, 1/4 tsp barley green, 1/4 tsp nutritional yeast, 200 iu Vit D, 100 mg Vit C, 1 tsp Fish oil (flax oil may be substituted for vegetarians), 1/2 tsp bifidus powder, 1 tsp maple syrup or agave (optional).

Most of the ingredients may be purchased at a good natural foods store or from my website. Formula can be made in larger volumes. Stores up to 3 days in refrigerator.

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