November/ December 2012 
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The holidays are coming up really fast! It seemed like just last week I was enjoying the fall colors, and now pretty much all of the leaves are down and here comes Thanksgiving! It is a frenetic time and while some people are busy celebrating, others are lonely if they have no children at home or family nearby that they connect well with. So how do we cope with the holidays?

First I would consider going on an anti-holiday weight gain campaign! I always recommend that people fill up 1/2 of their holiday plate with salad, 1/4 with cooked veggies, and 1/4 with turkey. Altogether eliminate the potatoes, yams, stuffing and pie ( or only take the tiniest bit). And curbing or eliminating the alcohol is also helpful since alcohol metabolizes into sugar and throws the body straight out of fat-burning mode! Also try and plan to eat your large holiday meal in the afternoon so that there is some time for a nice brisk walk after the meal! Invigorating and a good digestive aid! I always find it fascinating how crowded the gym becomes on Thanksgiving day and the few days after! Well they gym helps, too if you are unable to exercise outside!

Second, I would like to encourage everyone to SLOW DOWN. Do you really need to go on a spending frenzy right now? Is it not possible to do your Christmas shopping well ahead of time? Must you really overspend? And for those who have a really hard time over the holidays with loneliness, perhaps it is a good time for a meditation retreat. Even if there isn't an official retreat, perhaps you can create your own. And also please reach out to friends and your chosen family. And perhaps it is also a good time to remember to include those who are usually alone during the holidays. And for the large number of people where holidays are a mixed bag, with stressful family relationships, etc. we ALL need a bit of equanimity! Deck the halls! And remember to breathe!!!

This newsletter contains general information about naturopathic medicine. After all these years, some people still don't really know who we are or understand how we can be a crucial part of your integrative healthcare team! One example I like to give is in the area of integrative oncology. Some people still think that what we have to offer is a diet of only fruit and coffee enemas and forswearing traditional oncology. Sadly, most of the people with cancer who went the coffee enema, etc. route are now dead. I really wish it weren't so. I would like to believe that naturopathic medicine has ALL the answers, but the truth is that what works best is a team approach. If needed, the surgery, the radiation, etc. and the naturopathic medicine to keep the body from falling apart and then after treatment to help prevent recurrence. And as everyone learns more about integrative oncology, etc. because medicine is a rapidly evolving field, we can come up with even better ways to work with chronic illnesses.

The office will be closed from 12/24-1/4 for our holiday break. For information about the on-call Registered Naturopathic Doctor during that time if you have an urgent need to be seen please call my office number at (303) 443-2206. Thank you, and happy holidays!

I will also be offering 10% off of 5 weeks of the Ultra Lite weight loss program for the month of January! You can book now so that you have that extra help and support to get rid of those extra holiday pounds this year!

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