May/June 2012 
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School is almost out here in Colorado, the tomatoes are planted, and even though summer does not officially start for another month, it starts here on Thursday which is the last day of school. Already I see people out training for the Bolder Boulder Race, and the high high country beckons as soon as the snow melts a bit more. Long days lead to longer hikes. People here for the most part tend to live an active healthy lifestyle which is something that drew me here in the first place. I love being active, and I love that just on the edge of town one can hike up a nearly 3000 foot incline to Bear Peak Summit. I will never forget the young man who was running up the mountain barefoot, and then blew by us on the way back down. Such is the life here in Colorado.

But along with the approach of summer, it is very easy to overdo it. I will include some tips on staying healthy and avoiding injury this summer. Enjoy!

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 EWG's 2012 Safe Sunscreen List

wild basin with family Everyone knows that sun exposure can increase your risk of skin cancers, but many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that may increase your risk of other types of cancers from additives, phthalates, and parabens. And some "natural" sunscreens may be ineffective. Here is the most current list of the best and safest sunscreens on the market today. And you can check out your current sunscreen to see how it measures up!

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 Acli-Mate for High Altitude Endurance and Acclimatization!

Dehydration and fatigue as well as altitude sickness can ruin the most enjoyable day spent in the mountains. My colleague, Roanne Rouse-Houck, ND, has created this wonderful blend of nutrients, adaptogenic botanicals, and electrolytes to help you feel and perform better at higher elevations. We use it when we hike in the summers at the higher altitudes and I feel great after a long day playing. Acli-mate is available online or can be purchased locally at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage.

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 And for those Sore Muscles....

After a long day exerting, it is good to have a few tricks in your natural medicine arsenal to help with muscle recovery and fatigue. Our favorites are Arnica topical gel applied directly to the sore muscles, Arnica 30c homeopathic pellets after a really long hard day hiking, biking or running in the mountains, as well as regularly taking Boswellia and Fish Oil to keep inflammation at bay. I have some friends who once told me they knew they were getting older when they had to take NSAIDS BEFORE their hike! I am now their age that they were when they told me that (50!) and I have thankfully been able to stay away from OTC antiinflammatories or pharmaceuticals with my regimen. My kidneys and liver will thank me later... And finally last but not least, Epsom Salts MgSO4 in a nice warm bath will drive Magnesium into your muscles which will help to eliminate lactic acid and cramping. Enjoy! And stay safe out there!

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 Summer Salad Recipes!

One advantage to our mild spring is that I got my lettuce planted early and we are currently enjoying a bountiful lettuce crop. Here are some nice salad recipe ideas for a little variety in your life! Enjoy!

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