May 2011 
 Dr. Tara Skye Goldin's Newsletter, The Gluten/Autoimmune Issue
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It is beautiful May in Boulder! All my veggies are in the ground in anticipation of a bountiful harvest this year and so far all things in the garden show promise, it being so new and fresh in the season before the weeds, drought, insects, all else that can interfere, arrive. I could perhaps say that May is one of my favorite months here in Boulder...

Just as the garden is so full of potential now, what else in our lives has potential, or even was thwarted from reaching its potential? I think that our bodies often suffer from the neglect of having to attend to other obligations and priorities. We often do not eat as well as we should, exercise as much as we should, sleep as much as we should, and we often are exposed to toxins in food, people, and in the environment that we would be better off not to have come in contact with.

There is new evidence that gluten is increasingly showing itself not to be fit for human consumption. There is newer research linking it to a whole host of autoimmune conditions, not just celiac disease. Why is that? I don't have a real concrete answer for that but my current thinking is that the grains that contain gluten have themselves been altered and hybridized to withstand drought, pollution, scale, fungus, pests, etc, to the point where it has been rendered undigestible. I look forward to seeing research on this unfold so we can figure out why the consumption of gluten is causing so many health issues in so many people.

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 Clues to Gluten Sensitivity
 Why people who test negative for celiac disease may still react to gluten.

Lisa Rayburn felt dizzy, bloated and exhausted. Wynn Avocette suffered migraines and body aches. Stephanie Meade's 4-year-old daughter had constipation and threw temper tantrums.

All three tested negative for celiac disease, a severe intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains. But after their doctors ruled out other causes, all three adults did their own research and cut gluten-and saw the symptoms subside. From the Wall Street Journal

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 Gluten Sensitivity: A Gastroenterologist's Personal Journey Down the Gluten Rabbit Hole by Dr. Scot Lewey

Gluten intolerance resulting in symptoms and illness similar to celiac disease without meeting diagnostic criteria for celiac disease is a new concept. This concept of non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) or gluten related disease (GRD) may be a new paradigm that is hard for some people to swallow, especially when I suggest that it affects as much as 10% to 30% of the population. From Celiac.com

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 Gluten Free Recipes
 from the "Gluten Free Goddess"

wild basin with family I inherited a pretty amazing bread making machine from my mother, who passed away in 2009. Since we are now predominantly gluten free in my household, I have not had the opportunity to try it out yet. My husband did find some GF recipes to use with that particular model of bread machine that we now own, but trying them has not yet risen to top priority. Perhaps that will be a project for a rainy summer weekend when the weather is not conducive to hiking, gardening, biking, swimming, etc. I will keep you posted as I try some of these recipes complete with reviews! I will be posting them on my Tara Skye Goldin, ND Facebook page, so make sure you join that page! In the meantime, here is a collection of tried and tested GF recipes from the Gluten Free Goddess! ( For more recipes and info on going GF, also visit www.celiac.com.

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