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May 2006


Happy May! I am so happy that we are nearing the end of the frost period. Soon zucchinis, pumpkins, tomatoes, and fresh herbs can go into the garden with out any fear of frost damage barring some unforeseen fluke of the weather ( of which there have been many lately, I might add). Health , like gardening works best when one tunes into the cycles of nature. After all, our bodies are living organisms that are tied into the nature cycles whether we as individuals want to honor that truth or not! "Nature Cure" , which is the origin of what today is modern naturopathic medicine, includes eating a pure and balanced diet, fasting on occasion, fresh air, pure water, sunlight , exercise, bowel cleansing and hydrotherapy. Springtime is the best time to incorporate some of those old detoxifying therapies. According to the Chinese 5 elements system , it is the time for the liver. The liver is the body's detoxifier. If your liver chi is unbalanced, you may have more anger, irritability, depression, constipation, headaches, and impatience, and increased allergies. In this newsletter I will touch on some of those old naturopathic methods. I hope you find it informative and interesting and please continue to enjoy this beautiful spring!

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  • Fasting, Is it a Good Idea?
  • Hydrotherapy - Using Hot and Cold Water to Heal!
  • Hydrotherapy Case Study
  • Eat your Beets!

  • Hydrotherapy - Using Hot and Cold Water to Heal!

    Developed in Europe by such physicians as Benjamin Lust and Karl Lindlahr, though doubtlessly used throughout the ages by many healers and wisewomen, hydrotherapy is defined as the selective use of alternating hot and cold water to tonify the circulation, aid in detoxification and elimination, and to support the proper functioning of the immune system. Hydrotherapy also increases what the old-time naturopaths called the "vital force", also known as "chi" in the Chinese healing tradition, and "prana" in the Ayurvedic healing tradition. A constitutional hydrotherapy treatment consists of alternating hot and cold wet towels applied to the abdomen and back along with very mild and comfortable electrostimulation to the abdominal organs and kidneys. The effect of the treatment is to flush the blood from the surface to the deep organs while stimulating peristalsis and kidney function with the electrostimulation. Not only are these treatments beneficial and therapeutic, they are also incredibly relaxing and de-stressing. I have found a series of these treatments to be beneficial for the following conditions: Chronic fatigue syndrome, a weakened immune system, chronic asthma, depression, constipation, female reproductive issues, acne, weakened adrenal glands, chronic insomnia, digestive difficulties, and endometriosis. These treatments are contraindicated for the following conditions: Pregnancy, women during the time of their period, individuals who have a pacemaker or unstable heart condition, and anyone with an active fever. For the best effect, I recommend a series of treatments. Please call my office at (303)443-2206 for more information on whether constitutional hydrotherapy can benefit you as part of your treatment plan this spring!

    Hydrotherapy Case Study

    C.B., a female 27 year old graduate student, came to my office referred by a family practice physician for treatment for chronic fatigue post-head injury syndrome, as well as for chronic asthma. All of her bloodwork and other tests had come back completely normal and her physician thought that maybe a naturopathic approach could help to unlock the puzzle. She had been on steroidal inhalers for many years for her chronic but mild asthma. I felt that the steroids had suppressed her adrenal glands to the point where she just had no more "get up and go". Or to put it succinctly, her "get up and go" had "got up and went"! After a few months on various herbs to support her adrenal glands, therapeutic dosages of vitamins, and a well chosen homeopathic constitutional remedy, there was very little change. I decided to resurrect this old-time naturopathic approach called constitutional hydrotherapy that I had studied while at naturopathic school and incorporated it into her treatment plan. After the initial treatment, she actually felt a little more tired that night, but then felt a little better the next day. After only 2 treatments her energy levels were beginning to increase significantly. After 5 treatments she was feeling great! We continued her treatments weekly until she moved away to another city where we found a naturopathic clinic that offers these treatments so that she could continue them. 1 year later she continues to do well.

    Eat your Beets!

    Beets are a great spring liver-health promoting vegetable. I have included a link to a myriad of wonderful beet recipes. Enjoy these recipes this spring and summer, and remember, if you have eaten beets recently the red material in your stool and urine is NOT BLOOD! It is the beet pigmentation that contains a lot of wonderful antioxidants. Enjoy your beets!

    Hydrotherapy Treatment Sessions!
    Benefit your own health or that of a loved one's! Constitutional Hydrotherapy treatments are offered at my office for $50.00 for a single treatment, or purchase a series of 5 treatments for $200.00! That is a 20% savings, or it comes down to $40.00 per treatment!
    Our Price: $50 for single, $200.00 for 5 treatments

    Fasting, Is it a Good Idea?

    Many of you ask me about fasting. Fasting can be a great way to clear your mind, body, and spirit of any impurities known and unknown that one may be harboring. That said, many of you also know that I hardly ever spontaneously recommend fasting for my patients as part of a general treatment plan. The main reason for this that in order to do a fast ideally one needs to be able to devote all of their time to resting, meditating. and doing as little as possible. As food and nutritional intake is decreased, so is one's bodily energy, causing many fasters to experience weakness and dizziness. While some people feel a burst of energy and a heightened awareness as they clean out, others experience fatigue and some other uncomfortable symptoms of rapid detoxification. In our modern world with our crazy overbooked schedules many of my patients can't afford to set aside enough time completely free from their responsibilities to properly fast without compromising their health and performance in life. So most of my patients aren't good candidates for a true fast. Other methods of cleansing are available and I often do a long slow gentle cleanse rather than a fast. For those of you who are really interested in fasting, and can devote 10 or so days for it here's how I recommend doing it. Of course one can do a shorter fast , but here is my 10 day or so protocol. Day 1 - Eat cooked or raw fruits and vegetables,fruit and vegetable juices, brown rice, hummous and water; Day 2 - Cooked or raw fruits and vegetables, juices, brown rice and water; Day 3 -Lightly Cooked or raw fruits and vegetables, juices, and water; Day 4 - Fruit and vegetable juices and water; Day 5 -water only for as many days as can stand; Day 6- Same as Day 4; Day 7 - Same as Day 3; Day 8 - Same as Day 2; Day 9 - Same as Day 1; It is very important that foods are introduced back into the body slowly. Please note that fasting will NOT help you lose weight. You may lose it temporarily but will gain it all back once you resume eating. In fact fasting may ultimately cause you to actually gain weight and lose muscle tone as your metabolism slows and your thyroid gland shuts down. Fasting is a good way to give your digestion a rest, and to detoxify. Before starting any fasting program , please check with your physician (myself or anyone else you are established with) to determine if this is a safe option for you.

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