March 2012 
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Yesterday it was warm and sunny and I hiked up Mt. Sanitas in a sleeveless top. Today I scraped ice from the freezing rain off of the windshield of my car. That is pretty typical spring weather for this area and I fully expect to get more snow here well into May. But the signs of spring are undeniable. The leaf buds on the trees are getting fat and fuzzy, waiting to burst, my tulips and irises are up, the days are getting longer and I am starting to plan in earnest our vegetable garden. There may even be some lancinato kale that overwintered that would be wonderful to pick and braise or put into my smoothie!

According to traditional Chinese medicine this is also the time of the year when the liver chi becomes more active. The same life force that helps the leaves to bud and the grass to grow in green is the same lifeforce that can cause us to want to initiate new projects during our yearly cycle. This same energy, when blocked can cause anger, frustration and irritability. It can also be a time when those prone seasonal mood disorders and have a liver imbalance can begin to exhibit mania.

I am dedicating this issue to the liver. Enjoy!

I just returned from a wonderful conference in Phoenix on naturopathic oncology. Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer people who are undergoing treatments for cancer from combating side effects from the treatments to strengthening and supporting people undergoing treatment to helping to prevent recurrence. You just cannot argue against these evidence based naturopathic therapies when looking at the studies.

I will be holding a free 30 minute discussion Weds/ 3/14 on weight loss. Still a few spaces left. Also available via skype. Please RSVP via email or by calling (303) 443-2206 and leaving a voice message as space is limited.

 Triple antioxidant therapy for liver disease
 One of many "pearls" I got at the Naturopathic Oncology conference

One of the speakers at the naturopathic oncology conference I attended was Dr. Berkson who is using alpha lipoic acid for integrative oncology treatments. He has also studied how alpha lipoic acid is also useful in treating liver diseases such as Hepatitis C. His triple antioxidant protocol is currently being successfully used at many integrative clinics. Here is one of his articles about this promising protocol: From HealthyHepper.com

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 Dandelion and the Liver

The high amount of vitamins, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals in Dandelion's root balance the diuretic effects herbalists utilize when controlling a patient's blood pressure. Healers also count on dandelion's highly volatile and bitter constituents in the root to isolate toxins in the body and flush them from the system. It's ironic that the poisons gardeners use to eradicate dandelions are the same toxins this plant offers to weed from our bodies. From The PRactical Herbalist

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 Favorite foods that support the liver!
 Be sure to include plenty of these into your springtime diet.

mt st vrain pic Foods that help to support the liver are: beets, beet greens, artichokes, lemons, burdock root as well as dandelion roots and greens. While some of these foods may have a bitter taste, the rule of thumb is this: the more bitter tasting, the more beneficial to your liver. This is also true for sour foods. Just like in life, sometimes bitter medicine can be curative.

Always buy organic and eat lots of these wonderful foods. If you are harvesting your own dandelions, please make sure your yard has not been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides and avoid pet waste areas.

Some yummy beet recipes on the link below to get you started!

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