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March 2006


Spring is just around the corner. As I write this it is sunny and 65 degrees outside and one can just feel the plants, animals and trees reawakening. Of course we'll probably still get snows until after the first week of May here in Boulder, Colorado, but it is always enjoyable to get those early glimpses of spring in February and March. Unfortunately spring's arrival for some means more hayfever and allergy symptoms. NOW is the time to start getting ready if you are one of those allergy sufferers. Those adrenals need boosting, the mast cells ( the ones that release histamine ) need stabilizing, and if you haven't already, it is also a great time to tonify that immune system! So please feel free to call my office at (303) 443-2206 to see how I can help you to have an easier time this allergy season! Have a great spring!

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  • 100% of Net Profit on Sale of Children's and Big Kids Vitamins to Go to Free a Child
  • High Quality Dark Chocolate is Good for You!
  • Longer Duration of Breastfeeding May Lower Risk for Developing Diabetes
  • Pesky Yard Weed Aids in Liver Detoxification
  • Pesky Yard Weed Greens are Also Yummy!

  • High Quality Dark Chocolate is Good for You!

    ITHACA, N.Y. -- There is a new reason to enjoy hot cocoa on a cold winter's night in front of a cozy fire. Consider it a health drink. Beyond the froth, cocoa teems with antioxidants that prevent cancer, Cornell University food scientists say. Comparing the chemical anti-cancer activity in beverages known to contain antioxidants, they have found that cocoa has nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times those found in green tea. From WebMD

    Longer Duration of Breastfeeding May Lower Risk for Developing Diabetes

    Nov. 22, 2005 The risk for developing diabetes is reduced with longer duration of breastfeeding, according to the results of two large cohort studies published in the Nov. 23/30 issue of JAMA. From Medscape

    Pesky Yard Weed Aids in Liver Detoxification

    In about a month everyone's yards will be teeming with those pesky yellow flowers we call Dandelion (Taraxacum officianale). Before you rush to pull out all of those weeds, keep in mind that the roots (NOT the leaves, they have a more diuretic function), dried and drunk as a tea (1 tbs dried root per pint of hot water, simmered for 10 min) can aid in slow gentle detoxification. This is wonderful after the dietary excesses and more sedentary lifestyles that many partake of during the winter. It makes an excellant spring tonic if you drink it daily and aids in liver cleansing. Spring is the best time of year to do a cleanse as the liver, the body's detoxifier is the organ that is most activated according to Chinese medicine. Just remember to use only those herbs that haven't been sprayed with herbicides , pesticides, or exposed to pet waste. Those on allopathic medications should consult with a reputable health practitioner before beginning any herbal regimens.

    Pesky Yard Weed Greens are Also Yummy!

    In parts of Sicily about a third of the people eat locally grown wild vegetables three times a month or more. Men in this region have lower rates of cancer. In the USA, men who eat dark green and yellow vegetables twice a day have less heart disease and cancer (USDA). See In praise of wayside plants. From PSA Rising

    100% of Net Profit on Sale of Children's and Big Kids Vitamins to Go to Free a Child

    Since I became a birth mother in 2003 (I was already a stepmom) I have become more sensitive and proactive to the needs of children. They are such beautiful light beings and so innocent and in need of care and protection. When I first heard about the work of Free a Child (www.freeachild.com), a local Boulder non-profit organization working to stop child sex trafficking, I wished that there was more that I could do to help the situation. What came out of all that is that I have decided to donate for an as yet unspecified time period 100% of my net profit on Vita-Kids (a chewable vitamin for ages 2 and up) and Vita BigKids ( small capsules for bigger kids who can swallow them and teens). These are more bioavailable, allergen and gluten free and more pure than anything you can find in the stores. I have sought to create a win-win situation. Very soon my website will be set up for your orders to be taken directly and the products will be shipped directly to you. So please help stop child sex trafficking and also support your children's (or grandchildren's or niece's or nephew's etc) health by purchasing these vitamins from my website!

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