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July 2008


Greetings from the Rocky Mountains where it is High Summer! The days are very long, the cottonwoods are letting off their seeds, or "fairies" as my 5 year old son calls them (much to many allergy sufferers chagrin!), we're eating lots of fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden with fresh herbs. Generally , life is good here in Boulder. When I'm not working, I am usually doing fun summer activities with my family such as hikes, trips to the pool, the occasional summer treat of frozen real-fruit popsicle. With the astronomical price of gasoline I am even contemplating cycling more often (like my husband does every day). Some big news is that my office will be moving. The building sold in March and we all need to go. After August 1st my new location will be at the Marine Street Wellness Center at 2825 Marine street #203. 1 block away from Arapahoe and 28th street. I look forward to seeing you all there!

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Natural Relief for Acne Diet Best Medicine for Pimply Problem Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Acne How the Liver Prevents Acne Pea Recipes

Diet Best Medicine for Pimply Problem

The researchers have found that what we put in our mouths can either cause or cure pimples.

The research team, led by Associate Professor Neil Mann from RMIT University's School of Applied Sciences, has discovered a solid link between acne and diet. Findings of the study were presented at the 15th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology in Greece in October. The meeting attracted more than 7,000 dermatologists from around the globe.RMIT University News

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Acne

Abstract: The typical western diet has low consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, an excess consumption of omega-6 fatty acids and trans fatty acids, as well as a reduction in consumption of dietary antioxidant vitamins. The omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio in the western diet generally reaches a ratio of 20:1. Traditional hunter-gatherer diets are closer to a 1:1 ratio. Fish, wild game and wild plants have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than do refined western foods. Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce insulin-like growth factor 1 in healthy humans. A diet high in omega-3 fatty acids may be involved in the prevention of hyperkeratinization of sebaceous follicles. Leukotriene B4, which is proinflammatory, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of acne. A leukotriene B4 blocker has led to a 70% reduction in inflammatory active lesions. Arachidonic acid is the major dietary omega-6 fatty acid from meat and is the precursor for the manufacturing of leukotriene B4. Omega-3 fatty acids along with a low-glycemic diet may have a synergistic effect for reducing the risk of acne. From The American Academy of Antiaging Medicine

How the Liver Prevents Acne

The liver is responsible for detoxifying the blood as it comes from the colon, lungs, and lymphatic system. Once detoxified, this blood moves into your entire body to provide your cells with oxygen and digested nutrients. by Rudy Silva

Pea Recipes

My husband's most favorite vegetable in the whole wide world just has to be the pea. Early in our courtship he would nourish our table with pea omelets, mac and cheese with peas, peas in egg salad, etc. In fact if I go shopping and forget the peas we may as well have not gone shopping at all as far as he's concerned. So now that sugar snap pea season is almost upon us, I would like to dedicate this section to the glorious nutritious protein filled pea!

Natural Relief for Acne

During the summer acne often improves in those predisposed due to more frequent exposure to the sun. However, for some people with back acne , summer can be fraught with embarrassment as the clothes get more revealing and it is more challenging to keep covered up. This is especially true for teens who are often very conscious of body image and most prone to acne. Luckily there are some nutritional things that can improve this condition.

1. Wheat , sugar, and dairy consumption often aggravates acne. It has been shown that the cells that are being sloughed off get more "stuck" together and clog the pores more easily when these items are consumed. Indigenous tribes are virtually acne free until they adopt our western processed foods diet and then they get acne just like the rest of us. All this to say, avoiding wheat, dairy, and refined carbohydrates may exacerbate this condition.

2. Support your liver health. The liver is one of the body's main detoxifiers as is the skin. If the liver is overworked processing extra hormones or other toxins in the environment , the skin will need to work harder, thus increasing the chances of developing acne issues. A simple, safe thing one can do to support the liver is to drink Dandelion root tea (Taraxacum officianalis). For a more comprehensive detox, please contact me at the office.

3. Get plenty of exercise and SWEAT! Sweat purifies the body and cleans the pores, thus improving acne.

3. Eat organic foods. not only do pesticides place undo burden on the liver to detoxify, but evidence has shown that organic foods , especially fruits and veggies contain more bioflavenoids which support skin health. They develop these higher concentrations of flavonoid compounds to ward off pests naturally!

4. Drink plenty of purified water and eat plenty of fiber. This helps to flush the kidneys, liver and bowel and to keep the colon clean, thus aiding in detoxification.

5. Finally , having a healthy happy liver will help to process those extra hormones and androgens produced during adolescence. Happy Skin!

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