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July 2006


The intense summer heat in Boulder has arrived early this year, though as I write this there is a slight reprieve with some cloudy and even rainy days. Still the heat has been so strong that we are having a fire ban and no fireworks this year for the 4th. Watching the surrounding grasses turn brown so soon in the summer and watering my garden so that it doesn't die away inspired me for the subject of this month's newsletter.

Our skin is considered to be an elimination organ. Healthy skin will release toxins properly and a healthy appearance also subconsciously affects how we feel about ourselves and so affects how others see us. We all tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer whether we are playing in the mountains, at the beach, in our gardens, or especially if we happen to have jobs that require us to spend many hours outdoors. In a very hot and dry summer our skin really takes a beating. Wearing a hat and sunscreen of course is important. In this issue I will write more about internal and nutritional ways we can support our skin health. Please note: The office will be closed during the week of July 24th to July 30th. Please place your pharmacy orders early and please call (303) 443-2206 for info on the on-call physician if you need to be seen that week.

in this issue
  • Natural Medicine to Support Your Skin!
  • Skin Wrinkling: Can food make a difference?
  • Fish-Oil Supplement Reduce Lupus Disease Activity
  • Flaxseed Recipes
  • Online Pharmacy Now Available From My Website!

  • Skin Wrinkling: Can food make a difference?

    This study addressed whether food and nutrient intakes were correlated with skin wrinkling in a sun-exlosed site. From the Journal of the American College of Nutrition

    Fish-Oil Supplement Reduce Lupus Disease Activity

    Dietary supplementation with a commercially available preparation of omega-3 fish oils significantly reduced symptomatic disease activity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Dr Emeir H Duffy (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) reports in the August 2004 issue of the Journal of Rheumatology [1]. From Medscape

    Flaxseed Recipes

    This is for my beloved vegetarian and vegan friends. Here is a great link to some flaxseed recipes! For those of you who won't eat wild salmon ( the best non-veg dietary source of Omega 3 fatty acids) you may incorporate flax into your diet with these recipes.

    Online Pharmacy Now Available From My Website!

    Now you all may order almost all of the supplements that I recommend online yourself via my website. Simply click on the "Order Products" icon. Enter "tara" as your username and "boulder" as the password. You will then be directed to a secure site to order physician quality products where you can set up your own account and order and reorder products as you need them. You may even search for a specific product that you are interested in. Thousands of products are available. Please note that the following companies are not yet available this way and must still be ordered through my office. These are Thorne, Mountain Peak Nutritionals, Priority One, and Bezwecken.

    Natural Medicine to Support Your Skin!

    I am asked frequently how one can better support skin health. Skin tends to age faster in hot, dry, sunny Colorado, as well as increase your risk of developing skin cancer. While there are a myriad of topical creams, sunscreens and toners out there, and I recommend that you use a good one such as Dr. Haushka's, I am going to shed light on nutritional support for your skin. The first thing I recommend is that everyone take a high quality fish oil. Fish oils contain high levels of DHA and EPA which promote skin as well as brain health.I recommend a product with at least 2000 i.u. of omega 3 activity pre daily dose. It is important to use a high quality fish oil that has been properly purified to eliminate any possible heavy metal or toxin contamination. Feel free to call me or email me for any recommendations. For vegans and vegetarians who don't like to use any animal products, flax seed oil can be a good substitute, though it won't help brain function the way fish oils do. Omega 3 oils keep your skin smooth and supple and will prevent wrinkles as it alleviates skin dryness. Secondly, bowel function must be optimal. As I said earlier, the skin is an eliminative organ so if the bowel is not functioning properly , toxins will then be eliminated through your skin, thus causing acne and many other skin inflammatory conditions. Probiotics can help balance intestinal flora and improve digestion, as well as support your immune system as its first line of defense!. Again you may contact me for recommendations. Sometimes further testing is required as in identification of food allergens or testing for any other imbalance in the bowel flora. Thirdly, a good antioxidant and multivitamin can help stave off free radical damage to the skin from exposure to UV rays, pollution, and other toxins in our environment. Have a wonderful summer and please take great care of your skin!

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