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January 2009


Happy New Year! The theme of this newsletter is renewal. Many people make new years resolutions to renew their body and soul and our country is on the verge of new leadership which promises to be transformative. Even during these challenging times I see an optimism in many that with the new paradigm of thinking in our leadership, we at least have an opportunity to make positive changes. However change and transformation whether on the physical or political level is often uncomfortable for those who are entrenched in their old ways and habits. i like to use the lasagna pan metaphor for my patients when describing the healing process. Take a dirty pan that lasagna was cooked in. It has baked on noodles, cheese, sauce, it is a mess and will take some effort to clean. Add the water and the soap. the water still looks pretty clear and calm even though the pan is still filthy. What needs to happen is some scrubbing and elbow grease. So you get in there and start scraping and scrubbing. Now when you look at the lasagna pan ...IT LOOKS EVEN WORSE!! Now you have suds mixed with food and it is such a mess!!! You may be tempted to think, why bother? It wasn't so bad before and you could still see the bottom of the pan! Maybe you should stop here? I don't think so! So then you give it a rinse and it looks better but there is still some baked on noodles, but not as much. So you scrub some more , encouraged by your results. You rinse again and it is even better! A few more rounds of this and one last rinse and the pan is clean!!! Healing is a bit like this. It sometimes seems like a chore and so hard to even start and at first in many cases thing seem even worse, but keep on going and you will reach your goals! Happy renewal!

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Celebrating the Return of the Light in January Alpha Lipoic Acid for Antiaging Resveretrol: another fountain of youth? 10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body Susun Weed's Immune Boosting Soup Recipe

Alpha Lipoic Acid for Antiaging

Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant. Unlike other antioxidants, which work only in water or fatty tissues, lipoic acid can function in both water and fat. It is also thought to help recycle other antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. Because lipoic acid is fat- soluble, it can help prevent free radical damage from occurring inside nerve cells. Alpha lipoic acid's antioxidant properties mean that it can help to protect against diseases caused by oxidative damage, for example cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also has several potential benefits for diabetics as it enhances glucose uptake in noninsulin dependent diabetes, inhibits glycosylation, and improves diabetic neuropathy. Some research has also indicated that it can improve vision in patients with glaucoma. In vitro studies have shown that alpha lipoic acid can inhibit replication of the HIV virus, however this has not been replicated in invivo research. From the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine

Resveretrol: another fountain of youth?

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin produced naturally by several plants when under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Resveratrol has also been produced by chemical synthesis[1] and is sold as a nutritional supplement derived primarily from Japanese knotweed. Resveratrol has been shown at times to extend the life span of yeast and mice.[2] In mouse and rat experiments, anti-cancer, anti- inflammatory, blood-sugar-lowering, chelating and other beneficial cardiovascular effects of resveratrol have been reported. Most of these results have yet to be replicated in humans. In the only positive human trial, extremely high doses (3-5 g) of resveratrol in a special proprietary formulation have been necessary to significantly lower blood sugar.[3] Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and is a constituent of red wine, but apparently not in sufficient amounts to explain the "French paradox" that the incidence of coronary heart disease is relatively low in southern France despite high dietary intake of saturated fats.[4] From Wikipedia

10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Feeling sluggish or out of sync? Having skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems? Straying from your healthier habits lately? It might be time for a detox.

Practiced for centuries by many cultures around the world - including ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems - detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. From Gaiam

Susun Weed's Immune Boosting Soup Recipe

This recipe is great to eat in the wintertime to boost your immunity. It is also of special use for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapies for cancer treatments. Rebecca's Apothecary in Boulder or Blue Poppy Herbs would carry the special mushrooms and raw Chinese herbs called for in this recipe. Enjoy!

Celebrating the Return of the Light in January

January is such a curious time of the year. Here we are in the dead of winter, where it is still cold outside for the most part and the days are still quite short. Yet we celebrate the birth of a new year here and at this moment in history we are ushering in a new president that many hope can help transform things in our world around to a better direction. It is the birth of the return of the light as the days slowly, incrementally get longer. For many it is a tough time of the year since it is still dark and cold out , and there are no more holiday parties to go to. Yet we must still stay open to the signs that warmth , light , and abundance are coming back soon! The winter solstice was the stillpoint at the fulcrum of change. Stay hopeful! Here are some tips to feel good and renew and regenerate in preparation for the return of the light.

1. While it is still dark and cold outside, take the time to meditate , pray and do yoga. This will keep your channels and meridians clear for the new ideas and inspirations that will be coming as the days grow longer.

2. Exercise outdoors on sunny days. Skiing is great for this. I personally love Nordic skiing and find it very transformative to my energy.

3. Drink plenty of water. 64 ounces per day is what I usually recommend for those living here in Colorado.

4. Eat warming organic foods and dark leafy greens. The soup recipe in this issue is very warming and nourishing and chi building. Dark leafy greens contain lots of iron and other blood building nutrients. Avoid overeating carbohydrates as that is often what causes weight gain.

5. Take your vitamins! A good multivitamin will compensate for the sometimes lack of organic local produce available in winter.

6. Get a massage once in a while. Once per month is optimal for most people. If you need a recommendation for a good therapist in Boulder, I can give one.

7. Avoid sugar, caffeine , alcohol, and nicotine. These will deplete you and clog up your inspiration producing channels. If you are using these substances to excess and need help quitting, seek professional help as needed.

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