February 2013 
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This has been one challenging flu season with fevers lasting a week or more. I have been communicating with lots of my colleagues about this over the past weeks so as to better support my patient base during this year's viral illness epidemic.

I am also wondering what effects on viral illness having these relatively warm winters is having. Perhaps it is because the weather never gets cold enough to kill things off? I am not really sure, but I do know that there has been very little cold weather and snow all over the United States this winter (and probably globally) and that has to have some effect on viral organisms.

Another reminder, that yes, once again the Colorado Naturopaths are going for licensure and that our first hearing is scheduled for Thursday February 14th. I will have more about how you can help further down this email.

In the meantime, eat well, stay rested, wash your hands, take your immune boosting supplements, and avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other immune depleting substances and may you get through this flu season unscathed!

 This season's flu- Homeopathic Remedies
 Epidemic update from Paul Herscu, ND

Of all of the literature that I read this season about the flu, I found Paul Herscu, ND's epidemic blog the most useful. I am passing it along even though it is mostly for practitioners since I think that it would be helpful for more laypeople to have this information.

January 2013

Group 1. Some have the more classic influenza presentation: weakness, shakiness, headache, chills, as well as minor respiratory symptoms. For this group of individuals the four main remedies that have helped have been Nux vomica, Silica, Mercurius and Gelsemium. Use your knowledge of these remedies to differentiate among them.

Group 2. Here the main symptoms are gastrointestinal, and have very little to do with the other sick patients. Symptoms commonly found during this time point to Phosphorus, Arsenicum album and Nux vomica, depending on the symptom complex, thirst, chills and the mental state etc.

Group 3. Patients in this group have as a central symptom a bronchial cough, and have responded best to Belladonna, Bryonia and Drosera.

Group 4. For others, the main symptoms have been heat, sweats, body aches, as well as minor respiratory symptoms and fatigue. For this group of individuals the three main remedies that have helped have been Sulphur, Mercurius and Bryonia.

Group 5. The most interesting subgroup of sick people to me is those who seem out of sorts in the cognitive area. In this group, the main symptoms are severe, intense weakness and lethargy, a disinclination or inability to stand for a long time, and an inability to clearly give a cogent symptom story. In general there is a marked and unusual lowered level of cognition. These patients have a hard time putting sentences together. They are beyond lethargic, want to lie down, or sleep. Very often while attempting to relate their symptoms they may forget the question, forget what they were saying or about to say, all of the sudden the patient remembers they never took their temperature, did not know the day of the week, could not remember if they had eaten in the past few hours. They may well have chills, body aches, and minor respiratory symptoms. For this group of individuals, the two main remedies that have been helpful are Silica and Baptesia. And it is this group that I want to expand upon.

First, I am not sure what this group of patients has, but I do not believe it to be influenza. In no instance did any of them have a short course, and by the time I saw each patient, they had each been ill well over a week, not common for influenza. Second, what was most interesting is that their brain seemed to be impacted more than their body. The nervous system, especially the brain, seems impacted. Third, most of these individuals had taken Gelsemium prior to my prescribing Silica or Baptesia. And the Gelsemium had not been helpful. I mention this because many of us are familiar with Gelsemium, and its use in viral infections. The symptom of weakness is a key feature of this remedy. However, in this instance, unlike the group 1mentioned above, the nervous system was impacted even more severely. Another point of differentiation is that other keynotes of Gelsemium were absent.

The most common important presentation for Silica was, aside from more common symptoms, extreme chills with incredible fatigue and the desire to lie down. Note that constipation, common for the remedy, has not been present; sweats may or may not be present.

The most common important presentation for Baptesia is, incredible fatigue and lethargy, body aches, and a greatly lowered cognitive ability, notable forgetfulness, inability to communicate in a coherent consistent manner. In other words, I would have to repeat questions, and the patient may not recall simple things. There is a big keynote of this remedy that the patient smells horribly, but this has not been so. Also, there is a common finding of feeling like the body aches and confusion lead to a sensation that extremities were no longer connected to the body. This was definitely not seen. However, there was one symptom here that I believe represents the same idea. The patients forget about food. The concept of an appetite completely vanishes. And by this I do not mean that they simply were not hungry. I mean that they could not really relate to the concept of hunger and food, as if it were a foreign thing. For me, this is fitting within the same Segment of Baptesia confusion.

To encapsulate the main points: First, there are at this time, several different viral infections going around. Each infection actually has a slightly different presentation. I have received many, many emails from clinicians from many corners who confirm the presentations above.

However, the most important one has not actually been described, that of group 5. Specifically, I have received numerous emails where the clinician described their case, and as they believed it a common presentation of chills, weakness and fatigue, gave Gelsemium, which did not help. I have had the opportunity of treating some of these same individuals, and I would say that most of those 'Gelsemium looking' patients actually needed Silica and Baptesia; the symptoms of the 2 remedies do overlap. Remember Silica though for when the illness comes and goes for many weeks, never really resolving. Good luck during this time. I know it is confusing, and I also know that soon one or the other viruses will likely pass and then the picture will become clearer, with one set of symptoms predominating. from Paul Herscu, ND's blog

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 Low Vitamin D levels linked to colds

"The findings of our study support an important role for vitamin D in prevention of common respiratory infections, such as colds and the flu," says researcher Adit Ginde, MD, MPH, of the University of Colorado, Denver, Division of Emergency Medicine, in a news release. "Individuals with common lung diseases, such as asthma or emphysema, may be particularly susceptible to respiratory infections from vitamin D deficiency." From WebMD

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 Help Support Licensure for Registered Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado!
 Please urge the following legislators to vote YES on HB13-1111

Please send letters today to help license Registered Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado! The bill to regulate Registered Naturopathic Doctors has fierce opposition from the Colorado Medical Society and YOU can help! Send a message to the members of the Health, Insurance and Environment committee as well as the Appropriations committee. Sample text and committee member emails are below, for the ease of cutting and pasting, but feel free to personalize your message:

"Rep. Bob Gardner" , "Rep. Brian DelGrosso" , "Rep. Claire Levy" , "Rep. Crisanta Duran" , "Rep. Dan Pabon" , "Rep. Dave Young" , "Rep. Jeanne Labuda" , "Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg" , "Rep. Jonathan Singer" , "Rep. Max Tyler" , "Rep. Millie Hamner" , "Rep. Timothy Dore" ,

"Rep. Amy Stephens" , "Rep. Beth McCann" , "Rep. Dave Young" , "Rep. Dianne Primavera" , "Rep. Janak Joshi" , "Rep. Joann Ginal" , "Rep. Kathleen Conti" , "Rep. Lois Landgraf" , "Rep. Rhonda Fields" , "Rep. Stephen Humphrey" , "Rep. Sue Schafer" ,


I am a concerned citizen of Colorado and would like to support the licensure of Registered Naturopathic Doctors who have completed a 4-year program in Naturopathic Medicine. The medically trained Registered Naturopathic Doctor I choose to work with provides a type of health care that I value very highly for the health and well-being of myself and my family.

There needs to be recognition, regulation and competency standards for Registered Naturopathic Doctors. Medically trained NDs are able to work with prevention, wellness maintenance and nutrition, which are key components if we are going to improve the health of Americans and decrease health care costs. I wholly endorse the regulation of Registered Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado.

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 Winter Greens Recipes

One way to stay healthy this winter is to eat more dark green leafy vegetables which are so prevalent this time of the year. Add them to your smoothies, soups, make "chips" etc. Here are some recipes if you want to broaden your culinary horizons!

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