February 2011 
 Dr. Tara Skye Goldin's Newsletter, the Women's Health Issue
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As I write this, the sun is out, the sky is blue, the mountains are white with snow. A perfect winter Colorado day. As an expatriate from the east coast where we had more difficult grey winters, I am sure grateful for the relatively mild winters we have here down in town, where it is my option to go to the mountains if I want to ski.

I decided to have this issue be about women's health issues since I treat a lot of them and many people do not realize how naturopathic medicine can improve their particular health condition. I treat many women for conditions such as abnormal pap smears, HPV, fibrocystic breast conditions, abnormal uterine bleeding, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome, and on and on. Before you decide which treatment path you want to try for your condition, keep in mind that naturopaths have been successfully working with these issues for centuries with out drugs and surgical interventions much of the time. (There is a time and place for more synthetic drugs and surgical interventions, but much of the time a condition can be managed without these).

Stay warm and healthy this winter. Blessings.

 Abnormal Pap Results, A Natural Approach to Cervical Dysplasia

It's been two weeks since your annual health exam, and you haven't given it a second thought since you left the doctor's office - that is, until your phone rings. You're told the results of your routine Pap smear are abnormal. You stop breathing, your heart starts racing, and you can feel your throat tighten. "Do I have cancer?" you wonder.

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 Breast Health and Estrogen Ratios

Breast health for women ( and increasingly for men) is a major concern these days, especially given the rising rates of breast cancer in our country. Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer for the prevention of breast cancer and the enhancement of overall health.

A woman's hormonal balance has a lot of impact on the health of the breast tissue. Breast tissue is often a "target tissue" for endogenous and exogenous estrogens in our environment. Environmental factors such as plastics, pesticides, and herbicides have all increased the amount of exogenous estrogen exposure in our environment. This has had a direct correlationin the increased incidence of breast cancer in our society.

How estrogen is metabolized in a woman's body is another determinant in breast cancer risk. Estrogen is metabolized to either 16 alpha hydroxyestrone (16 alpha-OHE1) which causes cellular proliferation in the breast, or 2 hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1) which has a protective effect on the breast tissue. The ratio between these metabolites can be used as an indicator of metabolic susceptability to unwanted cell growth in the breast. This ratio can be tested through urine tests available at my office.

An increase in 16 alpha OHE1 can be due to genetic as well as dietary factors. An increase in the amount of animal fats in the diet as well as alcohol, caffeine, pesticide, herbicide and plastic exposure will also increase the 16 alpha OHE1 levels. 2-OHE1 levels on the other hand are raised by increasing the amount of soy, flaxseed, and crucierous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflour, cabbage, and brussel sprouts consumed in the diet. In some cases I may also prescribe an individualized regimen of specific supplements (such as high quality DIM which is a concentrated form of broccoli) which can also aid in enhancing the levels of 2-OHE1 metabolites in the body. The ratios of the 2 estrogen metabolites can then be periodically monitored to evaluate the efficacy of our treatment protocol. This way women can take charge of their own breast health and possibly prevent the future development of estrogen related cancers in their body.

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 All About Diindolymethane (DIM)
 a supplement made from broccoli (but you would need to eat 7 lbs per day to get the therapeutic dosage. Just sayin'...)

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a stable indole found in cruciferous vegetables which promotes a beneficial estrogen metabolism in both women and men.

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 Broccoli recipes

I have featured broccoli in this month's newsletter since it is so helpful in detoxifying harmful estrogen metabolites. Besides taking it in supplement form, it is good to get lots of it in your diet. Here is a link to several recipes! Enjoy!

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I strive to provide the best naturopathic healthcare in the region. I have been practicing naturopathic medicine for 20 years, 18 in Boulder, Colorado. My practice focuses on women's healthcare, pediatrics, and healthy medical weight loss. Be well!