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February 2006


Happy Valentine's Day! Often for Valentine's Day we conjure up images of romantic unions with loved ones. While there will be more on that in this newsletter, Valentine's Day should also be known as "Heart Awareness Day". What is the state of your heart? Is it happy and well nourished or is it tired and in need of fortification? Check inwith yourself and if it is tired follow some of the tips below to help bring it back into balance. Nourishing the heart on a physical nutriceutical level can also help the emotional heart heal as I am a firm believer in the mind /body connection.

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Crateagus Berries (Hawthorne) Benefit Heart Health

A randomised double blind placebo controlled clinical trial of a standardised extract of fresh Crataegus berries (Crataegisan) in the treatment of patients with congestive heart failure NYHA II From Medscape

Is Estrogen Dominating Your (or your loved one's) Life?

Last month I wrote about the two types of estrogen metabolism that can either protect or negatively effect breast health. This month I want to write about estrogen dominance. As a woman ages and her ovulations become more erratic and eventually non-existent, her progesterone levels decrease until her hormones are out of balance in favor of estrogen. This is called estrogen dominance.

Some symptoms of estrogen dominance include acne, moodiness prior to menses, worsening PMS including bloating, irritability, depression, sugar cravings, and/or a heavy menstrual flow with possible increased menstrual pain. Often uterine polyps and fibroids also show up with increased frequency in women with this condition, and it may also increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Fortunately this condition can be easily remedied by utilizing a naturopathic medical approach to balancing your hormones. The first thing is to balance the diet and detoxify in a way so that a woman is producing more of the beneficial estrogens. Secondly one needs to correct an estrogen dominant situation by balancing the hormones naturally. Licensable naturopathic physicians are the only medical professionals trained to do this without using synthetic hormones.

Please feel free to call me for more information on this very treatable syndrome at (303)443-2206.

Dark Leafy Green Recipes

This time of year many dark leafy greens are in season and available organically. I have included some information about them and delicious ways to cook them. Eat them and be well! From Whole Foods Market

Upcoming Lecture February 21st

Don't forget that on February 21st at the Lafayette Vitamin Cottage I will be speaking about prenatal and postpartum health. Topics will include naturopathic support for pregnancy and postpartum conditions including morning sickness and postpartum depression. For more information please call the Lafayette Vitamin Cottage at (303)926-1600.

Fun Valentine's Day Tip

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it for many brings thoughts of a romantic interlude with one's sweetheart. Unfortunately aging and stress can often dampen the fires that stoke the passion. Fortunately nature comes to the rescue with some solutions for lowered libido in both men and women. The following botanical medicine (among many others) has been used for centuries in South America. Muira puama has been shown to increase libidinal energy so that one can continue to enjoy an active lovelife well into old age. Muira puama is a safe effective herb that works by increasing the blood flow to the genital area, thus acting as an aphrodisiac Try it as an infusion (1 tsp per pint of hot water steeped for 10 minutes). It tastes great in a tea mixed with rosehips ( extra Vitamin C) and licorice root which also supports the adrenal glands to help improve the libido. Remember, a rewarding lovelife is an important part of a healthy lifestyle!

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