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August 2013 
 Dr. Tara Skye Goldin's Newsletter, Back to school!
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It is that time again. Time for kids to go back to school! And even if you are childless, it is impossible to be unaffected because so many routines and businesses are also tied to the school calendar. It is a great time to take a vacation if you have no children since the crowds will have dissipated. And it is also a great time to harvest tomatoes and fruiting vegetables or start a weight loss or fitness regimen or recommit to yours since your schedule will be more predictable.

So while I am a little sad to see summer end, I look forward to those crisp September mornings, pumpkins patches, and the coming changes in fall foliage. A nice relief from the relentless heat!

I will be offering a FREE discussion on weight loss at my office on Weds. 9/4 at noon. Please RSVP as space is limited! Hope to see some of you there!

 Healthy School Lunch Ideas!
 5 days of paleo lunches!

I am constantly racking my brain for new ideas for healthy school lunches since my son has allergies to gluten, among several other things. So imagine my happiness when I found this link to paleo school lunches. A great resource for those who are sensitive to grains and beans and for whom being vegetarian would be a very bad idea. These can be modified if you are not paleo. I was thrilled to see so many high protein choices since protein is so important to balancing blood sugar to keep your kids alert and active all day. Check it out! From NomNomPaleo.com

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 Keeping Kids Healthy During the School Year

For kids, back to school means excitement and anticipation. For parents, it means colds, flus, rashes-and back to the doctor. Come September, along with their art projects and homework assignments, kids start coming home with an array of germs that leave them-and the rest of the family-sick, sapped, and cranky. However, there's no need to resign yourself to a season spent at the pediatrician's office and a medicine chest filled with prescription meds. Experts agree that using holistic, homeopathic, and alternative remedies can resolve common kid ailments. And when it comes to your kids' health, not reaching for the big pharmaceutical guns right away makes good sense.From Alternative Medicine

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 Tomato Recipes

I don't know about you, but the tomato plants that I grew from seed are laden with lots of green tomatoes that are just starting to ripen, which means that in a few weeks my harvest basket will be just exploding with tomato goodness. So here are some tomato recipes. Enjoy!

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