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August 2006


Last month I had the privilege of attending a wonderful conference on nutritional medicine. The information presented went way beyond the "eat organically and locally" stuff that we always hear about, though that of course still remains valid. Several researchers presented on the biochemical nitty-gritty mechanisms about why antioxidants and fish oils are good for you. Being a more broad stroke and big picture person, at times I have to admit that it was a bit tortuous to be dissecting a tiny biochemical pathway, I realized that the biochemistry I learned in classrooms or yore (many many years ago!)is the basis of science based nutritional medicine.

In this month's issue I will present some compelling research findings on fish oil. I am so impressed by the vast amount of conditions that fish oil improves that I feel compelled to share it with my patients and friends. And please enjoy the remainder of official "summer" which ends in a few short weeks for everyone in school themselves or with school aged children.

in this issue
What I learned at the Antiaging Seminar, in a Nutshell. In a Bad Mood? Eat Your Fish But if You're Going to Eat Fish, Eat Wild Salmon! Tomatoes Gone Wild! Order your Favorite Physician Quality Supplements from my Website!

In a Bad Mood? Eat Your Fish

March 3, 2006 -- Whether you're seriously depressed or simply in a bad mood, eating salmon and other foods high in omega-3 fatty acids just might help you feel better. From WebMD Health

But if You're Going to Eat Fish, Eat Wild Salmon!

We reported recently that several organic contaminants occurred at elevated concentrations in farmed Atlantic salmon compared with concentrations of the same contaminants in wild Pacific salmon [Hites et al. Science 303: 226-229 (2004)]. We also found that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), toxaphene, dieldrin, dioxins, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers occurred at higher concentrations in European farm-raised salmon than in farmed salmon from North and South America. Health risks (based on a quantitative cancer risk assessment) associated with consumption of farmed salmon contaminated with PCBs, toxaphene, and dieldrin were higher than risks associated with exposure to the same contaminants in wild salmon. From Medscape

Tomatoes Gone Wild!

This summer my garden is exploding with tomatoes. It's probably due to the hot summer and the fact that I went on vacation and the garden wasn't watered enough. Tomatoes are a rich source of the antioxidant lycopene which has been shown to aid in caner prevention. Here is a link to the top 10 tomato recipes apart from the usual marinara sauce fare. Enjoy!

Order your Favorite Physician Quality Supplements from my Website!

Once again I am writing to remind you that you may order your physician quality supplements through my webpage. Go to my website at www.taraskyegoldin.com, click on order products, and use the username tara and the password boulder, and you can order many pure high quality supplements. Feel free to call me at the office at (303)443-2206 or email me at taraskye@juno.com with any questions you may have.

What I learned at the Antiaging Seminar, in a Nutshell.

As the human body gets older, there is increased oxidative damage and mitochondrial decay. This causes an increase in tissue breakdown and a slower rate of tissue repair causing what we know as aging. Recent studies from the University of California at Berkeley have shown that supplementing rats with Alpha-R-Lipoic acid reduced the levels of specific metabolic markers that normally increase with age and oxidative stress. There haven't yet been any in-vivo studies in humans but the research looks promising.

Also L-Carnitine improves glucose metabolism and cognitive function in rats in other studies , as well as reducing metabolites that are indicative of cellular damage along with helping to modulate weight due to its effect on carbohydrate metabolism. This means that L- Carnitine also is an ingredient in antiaging medicine.

Another big culprit the increase in chronic disease in our modern society is the high carbohydrate diet. Many years of eating breads, starches , and refined sugars causes acne and an increased level of insulin-resistance which can eventually lead to Type II diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Indigenous hunter/gatherer tribes that had no contact with these foods did not have any of these diseases. If members of that population survived dying from an infection , they lived long, healthy vigorous lives free of many modern diseases. Once they were introduced to these foods they experienced all of the same modern western diseases that we have in Western civilization. Add our modern stressful lifestyle to the mix and you have increased cortisol levels which impairs carbohydrate metabolism, increasing weight gain and oxidative stress and it is no wonder that obesity and all of its associated ills run rampant in our society.

The good news is that with proper diet and lifestyle, many of these diseases can be prevented. So in short, take your antioxidants, supplement with alpha-r-lipoic acid and L- Carnitine, eat more protein and less carbohydrates, exercise and take high quality purified fish oils. Also it is beneficial to learn a way to destress yourself such as meditation, prayer, yoga, breathing exercises and an optimistic outlook on life.

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