Tara Skye Goldin,N.D.
April 2014 
 Dr.Tara Skye Goldin's Newsletter, Allergies, Springtime, and More!
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Spring is finally really here! I don't mean that pseudo-spring where it is still cold and snowing outside (though we could and probably will get another snow or 2 before it is all over, this being Colorado and all...) but we finally are having warm temperatures and sunshine! I planted my early spring veggies already and with our new bunny-proof fence, should have a more successful gardening season this year! I see real buds on the trees and we may even have flowers on the trees by the time you are reading this if I can get this newsletter out in a timely manner!

But with flowering trees comes... allergies for some! This issue will pertain to many things Spring! I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am!

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 Natural Help For Allergies

Many people feel a sense of relief and well being upon the arrival of spring. Days are warmer and longer, flowers are blooming, and many enjoy wearing lighter clothes and feeling the warm air against their skin. And in Boulder, opportunities for a myriad of outdoor activities abound. This makes many people grateful that winter is finally over. If one suffers from seasonal pollen allergies, however, springtime means the discomforts of a runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and/or skin, trouble breathing, and fatigue. From my blog!

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 Dandelion Recipes!

Now that spring is here, you will see lots of dandelion flowers popping up on lawns across America! Before you dig up the plants and put them in the category of "pesky weed", think about trying these recipes! Dandelion roots are actually great for the liver, which is also coincidentally the most active organ in the spring, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. If your liver needs tending to from overindulgence in sugar, alcohol, caffeine, environmental toxins or processed foods, you may notice you are feeling more irritability, impatience, anger or depression. So please enjoy these dandelion recipes! Just make sure that all dandelions are from lawns free from chemicals or animal waste! From Frugal Living

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