April 2013 
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Happy Spring! Though as I sit here and look outside I see near whiteout blizzard conditions! But I got my cold weather seeds planted in the garden over the weekend so I am good with it, especially with the impending watering restrictions that we are to be having this summer where I live.

Also along with spring, once the snow clears and the flowers start blooming, is allergies. Every spring allergy sufferers are often miserable with the pollens and cottonwoods. Hopefully this issue of my newsletter will contain some answers.

I still have some space left in my Weight Loss discussion Weds 4/24 at noon at my office. The hormone balancing talk on 5/1 at noon is currently full, but you may put your name on a waitlist, since people sometimes need to cancel. Hope to see you there!

Also, if you haven't already, please write your Colorado State Senators in support of HB13-1111, to regulate and guarantee availability of Naturopathic Medicine in Colorado! I will have all the info to cut and paste below!

 Quercetin for Allergies

Quercetin shows promise as a natural treatment for seasonal allergies, according to a 2000 report from Alternative Medicine Review. Looking at the available research on natural treatments for seasonal allergies, the report's authors found preliminary evidence that quercetin may slow up the release of histamines. Histamines are a type of chemical released by the immune system during exposure to allergens, and are known to trigger allergy symptoms like itching, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. From About.com

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 How to use Stinging Nettle as a Natural Allergy Medicine

Are you looking for a natural allergy medicine? Does taking prescription or over the counter allergy medication not work for you? That's where stinging nettle (Urtica Dioica) comes in. I use it for my own allergies and I consider it one of the best natural allergy remedies out there. From eHow.com

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 Dandelion Recipes!

Soon, once the snow stops, dandelions will start to appear on many of our lawns. Before you pull them up or dump chemicals on them, remember that dandelions have many uses, the leaves make a nice bitter green, good for the liver, the roots can be dried and made into an infusion for a spring liver tonic, and I even saw some recipes using the flowers! Just make sure that the dandelions have been picked away from pet waste areas and have not been exposed to herbicides and pesticides. A good untreated pet-free "hippie lawn" could be your best source! from Epicurious

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 Help HB13-1111, the bill to support your access to Naturopathic Medicine
 Get it through the Senate! Letters needed IMMEDIATELY!

If you have already written to the Senators asking them to support the bill to regulate Registered Naturopathic Doctors, thank you... you have made an enormous impact! If you have not yet done so, please help us continue to advance this bill. Please write today and ask for the Senator's support. Tomorrow may be too late! More in the comments.

1. Put some version of "Support HB 13-1111" in the subject line.

2. Suggested Message points:

**Please personalize your note and add your own comments. We have heard repeatedly that the legislators really want to hear from you-- in your own words.

You may send the same email to all the Senators. Thank you for taking a few minutes to do this!

I am writing to urge you to support HB 13-1111 concerning the regulation of Registered Naturopathic Doctors. Why? Registered Naturopathic Doctors are well educated and trained to provide high quality, natural health care to families. Registered Naturopathic Doctors complete a four-year graduate level clinical doctorate degree and pass national science and clinic board exams. Their instructors consist of multi-disciplinary educators with many MDs, DOs and PhDs as well as NDs and the clinical training includes approximately 2800 clinical hours under the supervision of a medical or Registered Naturopathic Doctor.

A regulatory framework will provide Coloradans greater access to safe and affordable high quality natural medicine and health care delivered by Registered Naturopathic Doctors. The public deserves to know the qualifications and education of anyone calling himself or herself a Registered Naturopathic Doctor and be able to file a complaint.

Currently Registered Naturopathic Doctors cannot obtain appropriate malpractice insurance because they are not recognized and regulated in Colorado.

Following Sunrise Reviews, DORA has recommended TWICE that Registered Naturopathic Doctors be regulated in Colorado. It is time to recognize the presence of skilled Registered Naturopathic Doctors and to help them acquire a deserved and necessary legitimacy in Colorado.


4. Copy and paste the Senator's emails into the Bcc field. If you have trouble sending to the whole list at once, you can split the list up and send it multiple times.

"Senator Andy Kerr" ; "Senator Angela Giron" ; "Senator Bill Cadman" ; "Senator Cheri Jahn" ; "Senator David Balmer" ; "Senator Ellen Roberts" ; "Senator Evie Hudak" ; "Senator Gail Schwartz" ; "Senator Greg Brophy" ; "Senator Irene Aguilar" ; "Senator Jeanne Nicholson" ; "Senator Jessie Ullibarri" ; "Senator John Kefalas" ; "Senator John Morse" ; "Senator Kent Lambert" ; "Senator Kevin Grantham" ; "Senator Kevin Lundberg" ; "Senator Larry Crowder" ; "Senator Linda Newell" ; "Senator Lois Tochtrop" ; "Senator Lucia Guzman" ; "Senator Mark Scheffel" ; "Senator Mary Hodge" ; "Senator Mike Johnston" ; "Senator Morgan Carroll" ; "Senator Nancy Todd" ; "Senator Owen Hill" ; "Senator Pat Steadman" ; "Senator Randy Baumgardner" ; "Senator Rollie Heath" ; "Senator Scott Renfroe" ; "Senator Steve King" ; "Senator Ted Harvey" ; "Senator Vicki Marble" ; "SenatorMatt Jones"


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