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April 2006


With Spring finally really here many of us feel an increase in energy and aliveness, both physically and mentally. We often increase our exercise ( in preparation for events such as the Bolder Boulder), we deep clean our house, we put in the garden, and we have extra energy for all of the other projects that we put on hold during the winter. One of the unexpected side effects of the increase in daylight hours and warmer temperatures can be for some people an increased difficulty with sleep. People can have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. Naturopathic medicine has been very successful with stabilizing sleep patterns. Stress, anxiety, diet and hormones can all play roles in creating your sleep patterns. By balancing these factors with expert naturopathic medical support , we can tailor a program that as one of its side benefits, can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

in this issue
  • Cortisol Levels and Sleep
  • Treating Early-Morning Awakening with Bright Light Therapy
  • Progesterone and Sleep
  • Taking (and Cracking) the Homeopathic Case
  • Free A Child Fundraiser Up and Running!

  • Treating Early-Morning Awakening with Bright Light Therapy

    This study evaluated the effects of bright light therapy in 24 healthy adult men with early-morning awakening insomnia. Participants received either the bright light condition (2500-lux white light) or the control (dim red light) condition. The investigators measured rectal temperature and urinary melatonin rhythms before and after the 2 evenings of light therapy. Subjects receiving the light intervention were presented with light while they watched television from 8:00 pm to midnight on the first day, and from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am on the second night of the study. The investigators monitored sleep and daytime functioning with sleep diaries, activity monitors, and mood scales before light therapy and for 4 weeks during the follow-up period. From Medscape

    Progesterone and Sleep

    A woman's hormonal balance can also affect her sleep, among other things. In past newsletters I've written about estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance, which increases in frequency as women approach menopause and ovulation slows down and eventually ceases, means by definition, a decrease in progesterone since ovulation stimulates progesterone secretion. Among some of the many things a proper balance of progesterone does for a woman's body, is to increase the ease and depth of her sleep. Many women around the age of 35-40 notice their PMS , acne, anxiety, and menstrual flow increasing while the quality of their sleep decreases. Progesterone, as well as being a byproduct of ovulation, acts as a natural sedative for those who are deficient. Naturopathic physicians are the only healthcare practitioners who are fully and properly trained in the use of natural botanical sources of progesterone. For more information, please call our office at (303)443-2206.

    Taking (and Cracking) the Homeopathic Case

    My patients often wonder how I choose the proper homeopathic remedy for them. Homeopathy, as many of you know is a main area of expertise of mine. I enjoyed learning about the mind/body connection and I became intrigued when I saw how deeply patients healed when they were prescribed the proper remedy. Often what leads me to the remedy in addition to the patient's story is how they present to me. One of my mentors used to say that the whole case can be seen in the first 5 minutes that they walk in the door. Even in very complicated cases when I finally crack the case, I look back and see that often it was all there from the beginning but I just wasn't able to see it yet.

    For example, does the patient arrive early or late? How are they dressed? Are they organized? What kind of simple language do they use? Do they speak in a flood of random words or am I coaxing monosyllables? Later, do they need to constantly reschedule their appointments? Do their checks bounce? And in children especially are they exploring everything in my office or are they clinging to their mother? All of this gives me information that I may use in my decisions when choosing a remedy. A good homeopath is a bit like Sherlock Holmes.

    Even then sometimes the case is hard to see initially. We all have our compensations that we unconsciously use in the outside world to fit in and be socialized. But eventually we all decompensate at some point, sometimes not until the 3rd visit or so and that is where a keen observer or homeopath can finally crack the case!

    Free A Child Fundraiser Up and Running!

    Just a reminder! Purchase Vita Kids (chewable) vitamins or Vita Big Kids (small capsules) from my website and 100% of net proceeds goes to Free A Child (www.freeachild.org)!

    Cortisol Levels and Sleep

    Cortisol is a major hormone among many that is released by the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands secrete our "fight or flight" hormones that we as a species evolved with so that we could outrun that sabre toothed tiger. When cortisol is released, we are on high alert. Blood rushes to the muscles, muscle tone is increased, and more glucose is released into the bloodstream. The only problem is, currently in the modern world most of our stresses have more to do with work deadlines, paying bills on time, commuting through traffic, relationship issues and picking our kids up from school on time.

    We have a chronic low level of stress constantly barraging our body. Over time this chronic release of cortisol into our bloodstream can lower our immune system, increase our fatigue, disrupt sleep patterns, disrupt sugar metabolism, and increase anxiety, irritability, and depression, not to mention an increase in weight gain! Regulating cortisol levels is something we as naturopaths are expertly trained to do using various botanicals and vitamins. A nourished adrenal gland will support you in navigating life's day to day stresses, as well as supporting your immune system and promoting proper sugar metabolism and weight control.

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